Album Release Design, Art Direction
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W—E studio with Vasko Dukovski (Bass- and Contrabass Clarinet, Extension Pipes) and Elias Meister (Guitar, Electronics), Jaenam Yoo (Animation, Cinema 4d), Typeface Basel by Chi-Long Trieu  
Schwalbenjahre, Ein Erinnerungsportrait der DDR
Art Direction, Design Concept
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W—E studio with Jessica Barthel (Author, Curator), Typeface Monument Grotesk by DINAMO, Shop, Press: Bellevue NZZ

ClHu, Clothes For Humans
Sizing System, Label Design,
Print Art Direction + Design

W—E studio with ClHu, Order (Identity, Guidelines), Andrew Mailliard (On-model Photography), Adam Fithers (Flatlays Photography), Typeface Bradford by Laurenz Brunner

The Armory Show 2021
Graphic Design
casestudy coming soon

W—E studio with The Armory Show,
Identity by MerchantCantos and Brunswick Group, Jeenah Moon for The New York Times (1), Photography by David J. Barron (2)

laflor, Schokoladen Manufaktur
Identity, Packaging

W—E studio with laflor, Zelia Zadra (laflor Cofounder), Marie-Christine Gerber (Photography), Typeface Basel by Chi-Long Trieu 

New York