Office, Issue 19
Design Direction, Art Direction
Magazine Redesign

W—E studio with Office, Typefaces Scto Grotesk A, Scto Grotesk B, Items by Schick Toikka

Album Release Design, Art Direction
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W—E studio with Vasko Dukovski (Bass- and Contrabass Clarinet, Extension Pipes) and Elias Meister (Guitar, Electronics), Jaenam Yoo (Animation, Cinema 4d), Typeface Basel by Chi-Long Trieu  
Schwalbenjahre, Ein Erinnerungsportrait der DDR
Art Direction, Design Concept
1 / 22
W—E studio with Jessica Barthel (Author, Curator), Typeface Monument Grotesk by DINAMO, Shop, Press: Bellevue NZZ

Voguel Italia, Digital Covers
Lead Design, monthly Magazine

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Piera Wolf and Claudine Eriksson with Vogue Italia, Emanuele Farneti (Editor in Chief), Ferdinando Verderi (Creative Director), ABC ETC INC (Custom Type), Lukas Letsche (Animation)
ClHu, Clothes For Humans
Sizing System, Label Design,
Print Art Direction + Design

W—E studio with ClHu, Order (Identity, Guidelines), Andrew Mailliard (On-model Photography), Adam Fithers (Flatlays Photography), Typeface Bradford by Laurenz Brunner

New York